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ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toy

ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toy

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ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toy, aside from its adorable appearance, has been meticulously crafted to serve as a sleep-promoting companion. By leveraging the power of soothing sounds, comforting design, and a consistent routine, these toys are designed to assist infants and toddlers in both falling asleep and settling down.

The blanket of the ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toy measures 12.5 inches by 12.5 inches, while its head boasts an approximate diameter of 5 inches.


ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toy is not only cuddly but also incredibly convenient. It's machine washable and tumble dry-able, perfect for the love it receives. Simply unzip the soundbox and toss it in the wash whenever needed. Wash after wash, your ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toy will emerge as fluffy and lovable as ever.

This remarkable sleep companion plays a soothing white noise with a heartbeat and our enchanting lullaby. It offers two volume and playback settings, including a 20-minute and a 40-minute option, to cater to your child's sleep preferences.

Safety is our priority. ActiveYouth™ features a clever Velcro strap, allowing you to securely attach the toy to cribs, cots, and car seats, ensuring it stays in place for safe sleep.

For older little ones, the security strap doubles as a pacifier holder, putting an end to the hassle of lost pacifiers in the middle of the night. Hooray for peaceful sleep!

How to Use

  1. Gradual Introduction
    ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toys are designed to establish positive sleep associations through touch, scent, and sound, which may take some time to develop.
  2. Minimal Disruption
    Incorporate your child's new bedtime companion seamlessly into your existing sleep routine. If you typically feed or rock your little one to sleep, continue doing so for a few nights while introducing the ActiveYouth™ toy. Allow your child to touch the fabric and enjoy the soothing tune right from the start of the process.
  3. Consistent Use
    Ensure that the magical sleepy tune and tactile experience with the fabric accompany your child as they drift off to dreamland every single time.
  4. Gradual Withdrawal
    After a few days, you can initiate the gradual withdrawal plan. Begin by removing any undesired support just seconds before your child falls asleep. Slowly reduce this support night by night, taking small steps towards independent sleep.
  5. Persistence Pays Off
    Teaching your baby the skill of independent sleep may require patience and consistency. When you witness your little one reaching for their ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toy, and their eyes grow heavy upon hearing the soothing tune, all your efforts will be rewarded.

Safety is a top priority for ActiveYouth™. We strongly recommend that parents adhere to safe sleep guidelines set forth by organizations like NICHD in alignment with CDC recommendations to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

ActiveYouth™ Sleep Toys feature a safety tether, allowing you to attach them to crib rails outside the baby's sleep area. This way, the toy remains visible and audible to the child while ensuring a safe sleeping environment. We advise offering the toy to children under one year old under adult supervision.

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